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About us

Ecualeman GmbH is a German company founded in 2010 by the Co founders Mr. Jaime Recalde and Mr. Tobias Breitschafter. Ecualeman's concept is to provide more than well-priced products for demanding European and American markets. In a modern world, facing globalization, we believe it is important to maintain a countries identity, and bring this identity and culture closer to the people. South America is a continent blessed with a huge amount of high quality natural resources that are explored in a sustainable way. By bringing those products to the market, the people are given the chance to support themselves and their families through the creation and ensuring of jobs this process guarantees stable income and social security. That also will help improving basic security-standard and economic level.


Ecualeman is an access-point between South American, North American and European markets. We deliver services on the highest possible standard. The key-factor is clearly the quality of service, products and loyalty. The company’s strength is our flexibility, the ability to adapt quickly to any situation in order to achieve the biggest advantage for both providers and customers. Further, the company has first-class connections and excellent relationships with all their providers, in order to satisfy any customer's needs.

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