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All kind of canned foods
Tuna, Sardines, vegetables, beans, rice with black beans, Whole heart of palm, Green peas, Sweet Corn, Red bean in sauce / Canned foods for military and aid purposes
All formats in tuna cans
2.8oz, cans 80grs in brine/oil.
5.6oz, cans 160grs in brine/oil.
6oz, cans 170grs in brine/oil
6.5oz, cans 185grs in brine/oil
7oz, cans 195grs in brine/oil
7.1oz, cans 200grs in brine/oil
14oz, cans 400grs in brine/oil
28.2oz, cans 800grs in brine/oil
35.5oz, cans 1000grs in brine/oil
62.8oz, cans 1750grs in brine/oil
68.8oz, cans 1880grs in brine/oil
84oz, cans 2400grs in brine/oil
Solid pack tuna in glass jars
High quality finished products
Pre-cooked loins / Frozen
Frozen Shrimps
Cafe Sudamerica / exclusive
Private brand / Global brand
Fresh banana
Frozen fruit and vegetables
Fresh Pineapples
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