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Ecualeman use cutting-edge technological resources, offering a new alternative information, communication and business to all our customers and distinguished suppliers in South America to facilitate and guide them the best way possible to a successful entry in the European and USA markets.


  • Creation of new food brands, products and services for specific markets.

  • Leading successfully new productions factories into the right direction in to the markets.

  • Classification and visual inspection of providers / production.

  • Quality analysis / checkups of products / development of new products.

  • Organization and management of meetings / travels, production inspection / visitation.

  • Management of communication- and information-flow between providers and customers

  • Gathering of any market-information relevant to providers and customers regarding:

            - Products / quality.

            - Prices.

            - Logistics.

            - Organization of import, documents, customs services.

  • Representation of brands in Europe and United States of America.

  • Facilitate the market entry to providers on European markets and American markets.

  • Accessible bridge between Europe, USA and South-America.

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